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The Confusions - Black Silhouettes (2 x vinyl-LP)

The Confusions

Mass LP-224

Ett mustigt dubbelalbum i gatefold-omslag i fyrfärg med tryckta innerfodral med kompletta texter.

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1. Black Silhouettes
2. Weight Of The World
3. Close Your Eyes
4. Suburbian Ghosts
5. Tangerine Sky
6. Arrow
7. Get Ready
8. Waiting By The Window
9. Electric
10. Maybe You're Just Another One Of A Kind

1. Don't You Fall In Love
2. Into The Twilight
3. I'm Not Afraid
4. I Wish We Could Swim Now
5. Don't Say That True Love Waits For Everyone
6. Sunday Mornings
7. Long Way Down
8. Woke Up This Morning
9. Please Don't Worry
10. Are You Breathing Under Water

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