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Inkluderar alla punksinglar och EPn som släpptes från Sundsvall åren 1979-80. Innehåller 79 minuter med fullt ställ till bra pris. Allt remastrat och med utförliga liner-notes.

"This is a documentary of the first wave of punkbands in Sundsvall. Six bands are represented with history and their best work, these are Massmedia, Vacum, Förbjuna Ljud, Pizzoar, The Same, Invasion, Brända Barn & Diestinct. Of course it can´t be compared with the musical skills of todays bands, but it´s still a good listening just for the history of it and the real spirit of it. When all punkbands put in their whole living in their music. Some really good, and forgotten, songs can be found as "Terrorist" & "Jag Vill Inget" by Massmedia, "Kuken i Styret" by The Same (can be found on several other comps aswell), Pizzoar with the fuckin WONDERFUL "Veckopressen" och Brända Barn "Skit i vad dom säger". It all ends up in 39 tracks. But most important this is a fuckin outstanding history of one of sweden's biggest punkscenes when punk first trough came trough. A must for all punk history freaks out there!" 
Pissed and Proud Netzine

...That's 39 tracks in total and almost an hour and half of super lo-fi and raw punk rock and that's what I want. That's what I need!! This is my definition of the true punk rock sound. It's crude and under-produced and exciting.
No Front Teeth Netzine UK

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